The 5th Age

*"For a time, there was darkness, and the dead would rise as strange creatures of stone. The sun would refuse to rise and even the gods fell dead one after the other. A serpent large as a mountain devoured cities and lakes alike. and snow covered everything for years. Ragnarok, some called it. Still after some time, unexpectedly, fire begun to rain from the sky, but this fire did no harm to men. It was the flame that burned away the dark"

- Local storyteller, telling the tale of the cataclysm, and the seven days of fire.*


The fifth age of Vanaheim started after the seven days of fire, an event that restored balance to the plane and allowed life to resume its usual course.

The calendar used in the fifth age was established about a century after the seven days of fire, and marks that day as ‘year 1’. Established by the once again rising Hyperian Empire this age was named ‘the fifth age’. Following is a timeline of major events.

0 FA:
- Seven days of fire. The world’s surviviing population at this time was later estimated to 5% of what it was before the cataclysm.

2 FA:
Dawn of Terror: From the ashes of the old world, monsters that until now only appeared in legends swarm the wilderness. Some say they literally dug their way out of the earth, some say they were born through the flames during the seen days of fire. Survivors of the old world take shelter behind the crumbling walls of their old cities

12 FA:
- Imperial remnants manage to form some semblance of government across the blasted lands in sections of Myrvald and Hyperia.
- The Long Conquest Begins: Hyperion’s plan to unite the lands under one common rule.

52 FA:
- The Empire reclaims its fallen capital of Midgard in the continent of Hyperia. The Emperor establishes the new calendar.

99 FA:
- The Awakening. Forests appear overnight where there was previously nothing. Large treants and forest creatures along with armies of elves storm out of these forests, slaying monsters and providing relative safety to the struggling settlers.

124 FA:
- The Hyperian Empire finishes establishing dominion over the known world. With much of the knowledge of airship construction lost, and only two airships remaining, both in imperial hands, the Empire swiftly subdues and subjugates what’s left of its ancient enemies in foreign lands.
- The Long Conquest Ends.
- Age of Industry Begins: Now that humanity has managed to establish a footing in this new world, industry begins to take place. While much is lost from the old world, there are a handful of great minds that have passed on their knowledge to their successors. Slowly but steadily, the technological wonders of the past are rediscovered. Buildings of stone are erected, streets are paved, ships start sporting cannons again.

136 FA:
- The Awakening Ends. Overnight, the strange armies of elves and forest beings that are neither friend nor foe to human settlements vanish, leaving behind only the forests.

176-186 FA: Decade of Miracles.
- During these 10 years, several things happen. The return of the gods, the return of magic, and the establishment of new authority in the Myrvalean continent.
- Humans are born with the gift of magic. At first, they are being executed immediately, as this is considered the devil’s work.
- Return of the Gods. Through a series of epiphanies and miracles, faith returns to Vanaheim, to gods old and new. Some of these Gods shelter those who wield magic, effectively putting an end to witch hunts in some parts of the world.
- Cedrik Menethil returns to Athani Kingdom, now reduced to Arryn Isle alone, and is crowned its King.

194 FA:
-Construction of the great Hyperian Wall in athani kingdom to separate the deadlands from the lands of the living. The endeavor takes fifty years and claims many thousands of lives.

208 FA:
- Exploration of the great pyramid in the death marsh by an adventuring group leads to the discovery of an ancient artefact. The group’s wizard, A human by the name of Kane is the only man to exit the pyramid. He speaks of the many dangers and riches that await those brave enough to wander its halls, and then disappears from the pages of history.

285 FA:
- War of a Thousand Warships. A great war between the empire and the pirate islands that would last a hundred years begins. The Empire has neither the focus nor the resources to prevent the pirate kingdoms from laying claim on large parts of their territory in both Myrvalian and Hyperian continents. King Cedric seizes this opportunity to claim back some of his fatherland under his own banners again.

311-320 FA:
- The Demonrift War. A portal to Hel is opened within the capital of old Myrvald. The undead army is bolstered with new generals from the lower planes, and the undead and demons storm into Thralinor, lay waste to it within the first five years of the war, and continue straight south to the old elven kingdom of Lytheldar. What happened next is a mystery, but a large explosion sent earthquakes to most of myrvald, and a bright flash was seen from as far as dun ashvald, then there was no more sign of the demons.

345 FA:
- Cora is reclaimed from undead control by Hyperian forces. The Athani take this opportunity to ally themselves with the Myrvalean slaves living within the Imperial-controlled Athani kingdom. They revolt and claim back most of their lands, along with the council of 111.

385-402 FA: War of Blade and Hammer
- The orkish hordes return to the fields of blood and begin invading a surprised athani kingdom. An unlikely ally emerges from the mountains to the aid of the athani- Dwarves. Together they fend back the orkish hordes. Five years into the war, the draconians join the frey on the orkish side, and the elves from nearby Feywood reluctantly assist the dwarves and athani in the line of defense. The war ends when the head of the orkish warchief falls, but at great cost.

456-459 FA: The second Demonrift War
- Another rift appears, this time in the heart of imperial lands, near the capital, Midgard. Inferanyx, a fiendish undead dragon appears through it as a result. A reluctant alliance between Hyperia, Wutai and king Cedric is formed in order to seal this rift. Hyperia grants the two countries their independence and ceases hostilities against them as a result.

512-524 FA: War of the Flame
- Imperial forces along with the reformed lances of light undertake the extermination and erradication of the bleakland necropolis. During what was to be the last battle, a large rock fell from the sky, destroying living and undead alike. It is said that the skyrock still lies there in the crater, pulsing with energy that destroys undead in the area.

568-602 FA: The Grand Idea
- The Great Empire begins draining its land and people for resources, building something in a top secret base somewhere in the Makkan Mountains. The peopoe of the empire starve and are brought to their knees, and authority is enforced with an iron fist. Five years later, A new fleet of Airships springs forth from the mountains. The Empire utilizes these airships to take control over many of the pirate islands, any lands it had lost, including Athani kingdom, and a great portion of the Wutai Hegemony.

604-731 Age of Man
- During this period, Hyperia rules the world under a just (for humans), but Iron fist. Industry advances exponentially. Nonhumans are subdued and enslaved, including the orks. Imperial flags are raised as far south as the dragonlands.
- Technology in all aspects advances at a rapid pace. Within a short 100 years, most of the old world’s lost technology is re-discovered.

319, 420, 531. 642, 764 FA: Grand Relics
- Approximately every hundred years after the year 300, a grand relic has made its appearance on the surface of Vanaheim.

643 FA: Towers of Magic
- Five wizards appear before the emperor of Hyperia, each wearing a differently colored robe, Red, Blue, White, Green, Grey. After a council behind closed doors, each mage is granted a domain and lands of his own, where they build their 5 towers. Henceforth anyone wishing to practice any art of arcane magic is required by imperial law to enroll in one of these towers for mentorship. The mages then create the council of Magi and convene at the ancient black tower of magic, in the island of magic, where only those with the arcane gift are allowed entry.

751-944 FA: The Grand War.
- After many years of planning in secret meetings and hideouts, the plan to destroy the Empire is set in motion. A series of long battles took place over the next 200 years, culminating in the death of the Emperor and erradication of the capital Myrvald in a bright flash of light that was called forth by Cedrik Menethil. The total count of casualties for the entire war is estimated to be around 160 million, 75 of which were combatants. The destruction of Midgard alone claimed around 10 million lives. The overall casualties are estimated to be around 10% of the world’s total population at the time.

  • Post-War Minor Events*

965 FA:
- King Cedrik marries Ingrid von Hyperia, a Sevaar, General and daughter of the Emperor in an attempt to create diplomatic relationships with the Empire in the future. This event is grudgingly acknowledged by his subjects. Sound as his reasons might be, Athani are not known for their political understanding.
995 FA:
- King Cedrik’s son, Askelaad is born. Two years later they have daughter, by the name of Yrd
1025 FA:
- After returning triumphant from a battle against the northern scourge, Princess Yrd Menethil renounces her name, sets fire to the castle and disappears into obscurity. To this day the tower that collapsed from that day in castle Menethil has not been repaired.

1043 FA:
The flying island fortress of Ashvald re-emerges in the western sea. Old King Duncan returns to Athani kingdom and meets King Cedrik.

1044 FA: Present Day

The 5th Age

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