Mages of Cathraine


Little is known about the seclusive organization known by this name. Some believe they are cultists, plotting to bring about the world’s end. Others believe they’re a group of researchers that wish to be removed from the dealings of the world in order to work in peace.
The Thralian Inteligence Agency however, has a different, more educated view on them.

Founded during the third age, after the fall of the great empire, the mages of cathraine take their name after their founder. A wizard who, through centuries of research, developed means to control Dark Magic. Not only that, but he also sought an apprentice. Together they amassed an impressive amount of resources, mostly by performing tasks for kings and lords. Resources they then used to futher their research. The master and apprentice created a base of operations somewhere in an unknown location within the continent of Hyperia, where they worked in seclusion.

Centuries later, master and apprentice had come to a disagreement. Cathraine believed two were enough when it came to masters of the dark arts yet her apprentice, of whom next to nothing is known, thought differently. For mages such as these slaying one another was a matter of who conjures the first arcane mark first, and who has superior contingent spells. Cathraine believed she had slain her apprentice, only to find he narrowly escaped certain death by leaping forward in time. She found out late, however, as the apprentice, taking advantage of his or her master’s surprise, lashed out at her and destroyed her.

Possibly out of respect for everything Cathraine taught the apprentice, he or she named the order created with the very same name.

It is known that the contemporary mages of cathraine identify their rank in their order by means of tattooed rings on their right arm. This is what we know these rings to mean:

1 ring: Initiate.
Initiates very rarely make their presence known as mages. They are capable of casting spells up to the fifth rank and have not yet been trained in the ways of Dark Magic. Initiates live in hopes one of the higher ups will notice them and take them up as apprentices.

2 rings: Apprentice.
Apprentices usually command up to 7th rank magic, and have taken their first steps into the understanding of Dark Magic. They do not use it without permission for their master however, as that will mean their almost certain and total annihilation, in the extremely likely event their master learns of their transgression.

3 rings: Master
Be wary of masters. They are archmages capable of 9th level magic, and understand enough about the Dark Arts to manifest their will unto the world, with likely horrible consequences. Masters usualyl have their own goals to pursue and only work with the rest of the mages of Cathrain when a grandmaster, or the Prior himself orders them.

4 rings: Grand Master
Grand masters hold enough power in their hands to turn entire cities dark with undeath, open portals from which armies of demons emerge and, in some cases, even bend time.Not much is really known about them, as they rarely appear before outsiders. When a grand master acts, it is usually through dominated minions, undead, elemental or fiendish servitors.

5 rings The Prior.
The prior is Cathrain’s apprentice. It is unknown how he survived the ages but, as far as anyone knows, he has, and he continues to seclude himself from the outside world in order to further his own research. The extent of his power is entirely unknown. Some theorize he is more powerful than the gods themselves, but that his mind is so far removed from the dealings of the world that he rarely has any will to effect anything noticeable by us ‘common folk’. What is certain is that the rest of the mages of cathrain mostly avoid contact with the Prior, often going to great lengths to research answers on their own instead of asking the Prior for help, as they understand that disturbing such a being may have irreversible consequences for our plane.

Mages of Cathraine

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