The Grand War


The Great War was not given this name for nothing. It lasted a little over 100 years and even the few countries that were lucky enough not to be directly involved or have their cities turned into battlegrounds, were brought to their knees economically.

Naval battles and Aerial battles were commonplace but the largest and most dangerous battlegrounds were those where Sevaar would Clash. Armed with state of the art weapons and armor, these warriors and their cohorts brought untold destruction wherever they clashed, and ultimate annihilation to enemy forces where they were left unchecked.

There were many countries, sides and groups involved in this war, and they didn’t always work as one. Some even changed sides mid-way during the war but, for the most part, there were two great competing factions in this war:
- The Great Empire of Hyperia
- The Seven Lance Alliance

Members of the Empire included several countries who were once opposed to the Empire but, through witnessing its achievements over the course of decades, decided to pledge their allegiance to the red flag. Such countries are: Krishina, Firrah Adun, Athenes and Tir Karrak. Other unlikely allies of the Empire were several of the pirate islands, and the Draconians.

The alliance of the five lances was called such because of their 7 founding leaders:

- Rance Firewind, leader of the lance of light.
- Faer Thousandleaves, Forsaken elf resistance leader
- Bjorn Thunderfist, Dwarf battlemaster, leader of what remained of the dwarves of Ker Verlain
- King Menethil of the Athani kingdom.
- ‘Blackfire’, A black Heirionaxx named Ixerionix that breathed fire instead of acid, leader of the council of 111
- King Keinan, Lord of the western pirate isles
- Shirokaze ‘white wind’ Yaiba, Shogun of Wutai

Other notable forces allied with the Seven Lances include:
- The Thralian resistance organization ‘Black Dogs’
- The seclusive monks of the white star
- The minotaurs of clan Thunderhorn
- The storm giants of stormkeep
- Daniel Harcourt, Dark Lord of the old myrvalian Necropolis.

-to be continued -

The Grand War

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