Hyperion's 'Terrible Children'

Project ‘Terrible Children’ was one of many military projects that involved the weaponization of sentient beings during the Great War.

Whether the rumors are true and Hyperion is an immortal, or if the name is just a title passed down from father to son, one thing beyond doubt is that the man has the blood of the old gods running through his veins. This is evident both in his unparalleled skill in battle as well as the powerful magic he would wield.

During the war, some of his brightest scientists suggested a project called ‘Lucrecia’ to him. Put simply, they sought to produce super-soldiers by having him bear as many children as possible, then exposing said children to magical alterations and enhancements no mortal had any hopes of surviving.

After several years of research, a small percentage of that offspring survived both the alterations, and unforgiving training from their ‘Father’. As a test, he had all 11 of them assault an enemy stronghold with no reinforcements. The results made even the Emperor himself cringe. Thus he named them his ‘Terrible, Beautiful Children’. History only remembers the ‘terrible’ part.

Hyperion’s Terrible Children:

Agnus ‘God Hammer’ von Hyperion
Thorfinn ‘Berserker’ von Hyperion
Adelheid ‘Flame Rose’ von Hyperion
Eric ‘The Fiend’ von Hyperion
Mordekai ‘War Magic’ von Hyperion
Vincent ‘Full Frontal’ von Hyperion
Ingred ’Fenrir’s Wrath’ von Hyperion
Lancelot ‘The Mad’ von Hyperion
Dianna ‘Firestarter’ von Hyperion
Marcel ‘Thunderstrike’ von Hyperion
Lyjaine ‘The Shadow’ von Hyperion.

Each of these held the title Sevaar and power enough to match three or four times that. Some were killed during the war, some disappeared- It is hard to know the facts of the matter when you’re dealing with individuals of such strength.

Hyperion's 'Terrible Children'

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