Yrd Leaf.

'Daughter of Grim'


Formerly Yrd Menethil, Yrd is Askelaad Menethil’s younger sister and princess of Athani Kingdom.

Unlike her brother, yrd did not inherit the same war-craving blood thirst her brother did from her parents. She was more interested in history, politics, and the good of the realm. That is not to say the power of her blood did not manifest within her, however. At the age of 20, Yrd decided to join the army and serve in the northern border. She served there for 10 years against the forces of her great uncle, Dark lord Duncan Menethil.

Whatever happened during her last year of service changed the young woman dramatically. Instead of returning triumphant from her ten years of service, she returned, crossed swords with her father – a fight that resulted in a great fire and the destruction of the castle’s westernmost tower, cast aside her family name and disappeared using magic. She has not been seen since.


Yrd Leaf.

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