Ingrid, "Rage of Fenrir" von Hyperia

Sevaar General of the Imperial forces in the Great War


Ingrid von Hyperion is part of the late Emperor’s ‘Terrible Children’ project.

Magically modified at birth, this half-elven woman is the result of horrible, beautiful magical science. Like her siblings, she reached the status of Sevaar before her fifteenth birthday and joined the ongoing war, spreading death and despair upon her enemies while bolstering the morale of her allies.

Her nickname ’Fenrir’s Wrath’ was born when in the battle for Gainsborough, under a full moon, she single-handedly commandeered an enemy destroyer airship, overloaded its magical engines and rammed it on their flagship, destroying both ships and forcing the Seven Lance alliance to retreat.

After the fall of the Emperor and the end of the war, King Cedric demanded she marry him and bear his children in order to establish a peaceful future for both what remained of the Empie, and Athani kingdom. For reasons not known, Ingrid accepted, though the general did not have the reputation of ever giving her enemy anything other than a fight.

Ingrid, "Rage of Fenrir" von Hyperia

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