The Emperor, The Last Knight, Eternal Champion of Humanity


Knight-Emperor of the ancient hyperian empire. Appears throughout history as a mighty ruler who unites men under the flag of conquest. Throughout the centuries, there are confirmed records of his empire rising to power and conquering most of the known world twice, while the name ‘Hyperian Empire’ stretches as far back as the third age.

One thing that immediately comes to mind to anyone who knows anything about Hyperia, is that the Empire’s cause was always centered on the ideal: “Believe in your own Might”. Hyperia, whenever it is mentioned in history, always struggled against the ‘tyrannical’ existence of the gods. While imperials themselves are not atheists, beleving in their emperor as he were a God himself, they refuse to acknowledge any other divine power, calling them false icons, pagan gods, and other similar disdainful adjectives.



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