"Black Hat'

A seclusive mage with a stragely large black hat


Not much is known about the mage that goes by the title ‘Black Hat’, other than that he usually wears an oversized hat for whatever reason.

The first appearance he made was in 520, during the war of the flame. He assisted in the extermination of the necropolis with powerful magic, and even warned the commander of the expedition of a ‘coming calamity’. His warnings were ignored however, and the expedition met its tragic end when the skyrock struck.

He regularly appears in the council of mages in the tower of magic, though he wears none of the usual colored robes, nor does he belong in any tower in particular. Where and how this centuries-old man learned his magic, and by what means he prolongs his life is unknown, but he is respected and acknowledged by all archmages as ‘master of the arts’ and a great benefactor to magic. In truth, many of the spells now used commonly by mages world-wide are either his creation, or passed down by him to the other mages, who then passed it to the rest, though he would not say where he originally obtainhe spell from.


"Black Hat'

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