Askelaad Menethil

Heir to the throne of Myrvald


Son of Cedric and Ingred, Askelaad, which means ‘Covered in Ash’ in athani, is what one might expect of the union of an immortal and a child of Hyperion’s blood- A freak of nature. His real name is unknown by most- Everyone just calls him by his nickname.

At the ‘tender’ age of 9 he crushed one of his servant’s skull with his bare hands because he was told not to run in the halls.
At 12. he escaped castle menethil to go to war with the 14 year-olds. His parents of course found out about this, but allowed him to go regardless.
By age 14 he was scout captain and led an expedition against an orkish camp that was travelling a bit too close to the border.
That is when his commanders realised, this boy was not fit for leadership of other men. Reliant on his own strength alone, he drove his men against impossible odds, from which he always emerged victorious, but as the sole survivor. He received the name’Askeladd’ or ‘ashen lad’ by his peers when he charged screaming into an orkish camp set on fire by catapults to kill the ork commander before he had a chance to flee – and emerged unscratched, but covered in ash.

Askelaad Menethil

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